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Big Patriots Fan (It's time to win the BIG GAME)

<!-- if we are here there is no plug-in support --> <A HREF="WEB_ADDRESS"> <img src="" Alt="This is a still image of a Parable Thing"> </A> Drew Bledsoe

POSITION: Quarterback
BORN: 2/14/72
COLLEGE: Washington State
Favorite Food: Miami Dolphins with a side of NY jet's. And for desert (Bill Parcel's) and Curtis Martin. Well atleast Derik Cullor's has a chance to play now :) Looking good too :) Oh and Brett Farr, go by yourself a new razor and when you are done why not pickup up a ford at a New England Ford Dealership :)
The man with the Big Gun: Well Drew has taking the Pat's in a good direction and I hope they can continue with there success. I believe Robert Kraft (Bob) has done a lot of great things for this club also. Like they say money talks BS walks :) My main downfall is that I wish Drew would concentrate on being able to scramble a lot better, otherwise he is the man with the Golden GUN.

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