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Welcome to Snake posse's Members and Sign up page

Snake Posse believes in having fun while we play outlaws and treating other players with the respect they deserve. We always obey and honor the ruling of (Marshall LAW). Marshall Law consists of not using certain items while in your game playing. These items are NO BADGE, NO VANISHING CREAM and NO SAWED OFF SHOTGUN (double barrel).

We hold our tryouts on the internet gaming zone. We hold each tryout in the level sanctuary with team play usually. in other words you and another person wanting to join the snakes against 2 Snake Members. We look for your over all attitude while playing with us and obviously how well you play.

if you can obey by these simple and easy rules and would like to join the snake posse please feel free to contact us on the zone or email us and we can meet you there for a tryout. Good Luck to you all .

Snake KC

Snake Spit

(Snake's fearless leader's)

Snake Poison

Snake skin

Snake Python

Snake Rattle

Snake Smoking

Snake stryder49

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